Set 30

Sold in packets of: 1

Frank Dental Set 30

Set 30 consists of,

1 x D.Z379.023.F.FG Ruby Ball (Orange/Red band) which is ideal for adjusting the occlusal area on a Zirconia and Emax Crown.

1 x D.Z880.012.GC.FG Layered Zirconia Crown Cutter (Orange/Green band) This bur will cut through an all ceramic crown with ease along with an Emax layered to Zirconia Crown,  This is a special 2 in 1 Diamond Bur the top layer is a coarse grit diamond designed to cut through all ceramics, once the coarse grit diamonds cuts through and makes contact with the Zirconia frame work they start to disperse allowing the extra fine diamonds to come through to cut through the monolithic Zirconia underneath.

1 x P.ALUZIR1M.FG Pink/White point, once you have adjusted the Ceramic/Zirconia crown this is the perfect choice to smooth your restoration whilst leaving a nice pre shine.

1 x P.ALUZIR1F.FG Yellow/White point, this is the final step to leaving your restoration with a beautiful high lustre.