Category: Laboratory Kits

  • Denture Kit

    Frank Dental Denture kit

    The Frank Dental Denture kit is your complete kit for adjusting, smoothing and polishing both standard and flexible dentures.

    The Kit Comprises of

    1 x sterilisable 12 hole HP bur stand

    C.251K.104.060 (Blue band) adjusting standard dentures and chrome

    C.79K.104.040 (Blue band) adjusting standard dentures and chrome

    C.251EQ.104.060 (Black/Green band) adjusting flexible dentures, whitening trays, mouth guards

    C.79EQ.104.040 (Black/Green band) adjusting flexible dentures, whitening trays, mouth guards

    C.250KFQM.104.040 (Gold shank/Orange band) smoothing flexible dentures

    P.PROCOM10G.HP smoothing standard dentures

    P.PROCOM2G.HP smoothing standard dentures

    P.PROCOM10M.HP pre-polishing standard dentures

    P.PROCOM2M.HP pre-polishing standard dentures

    P.PROCOM10F.HP high lustre standard and flexible dentures

    P.PROCOM2F.HP high lustre standard and flexible dentures

  • Set 10

    Frank Dental Set 10 Acrylic Kit

    Set 10 consist of

    1 x C.79K.104.040 Acrylic and Chrome

    1 x C.251K.104.060 Acrylic and Chrome

    1 x P.PROCOM3G – Coarse (Adjusting)

    1 x P.PROCOM10G

    1 x P.PROCOM2M – Medium (Pre-polish)

    1 x P.PRO10M

    1 x P.PROCOM2F – Fine (High lustre)

    1 x PROCOM10F

    Complete with sterilisable bur stand

  • SET 11

    Frank Dental Set 11 for Titanium

    Set 11 Consists of,

    1 x C.139KT.104.023

    1 x C.79KT.104.040

    1 x C.129kt.104.023

    1 x C.138KT.104.016

  • SET 12

    Frank Dental Set 12 for Zirconia and Emax

    Set 12 consists of,

    1 x P.ZR13.050.HP – Medium Grit Zirconia Abrasive

    1 x P.ZR21.040.HP – Medium Grit Zirconia Abrasive

    1 x P.ZR13.050.G.HP – Coarse Grit Zirconia Abraisve

    1 x P.ZR.21.040.G.HP – Coarse Grit Zirconia Abrasive

    1 x P.ALZURI13G.HP – Green/White Zirconia/Emax Correction

    1 x P.ALUZIR13M.HP – Pink/White Zirconia/Emax Pre-polish

    1 x P.ALUZIR13F.HP – Yellow/White Zirconia/Emax High Lustre

  • SET 13

    SET 13

    Set 13 is your perfect partner for all your Multilayer Zirconia and Emax restorations.

    Step 1 – Smooth





    Step 2 – High lustre




    Its versatility is unmatched — monolithic and partially veneered zirconia, fine-structured glass ceramics and conventional veneering ceramics.

    The possibilities offered by modern all-ceramics have never been as diverse as they are today. The requirements are constantly growing — this calls for a high degree of flexibility in addition to perfection. With our Panther Premium range, you have the perfect solution for all users: from optimal green body processing to premium finishes for the highest demands

  • Set 18

    Frank Dental Set 18 is the ideal partner for Adjusting your Zirconia and Emax restorations followed by a high lustre finish.

    1 x D.Z881.016.F.FG Parallel Chamfer (Round End)

    1 x D.Z801L.014.F.FG Long Neck Round Diamond

    1 x D.Z850.023.F.FG Tapered Chamfer 2.3mm

    1 x D.Z850.016.F.FG Tapered Chamfer 1.6mm

    1 x D.Z863.014.F.FG Flame

    1 x P.ZR21.040.HP Straight Handpiece Zirconia Grinder

    1 x P.ALUZIR8G.HP Straight Handpiece Zirconia/Emax Corrections

    1 x P.ALURI8M.HP Straight Handpiece Zirconia/Emax Smooth Pre-polish)

    1 x P.ALUZIR8F.HP Straight Handpiece Zirconia/Emax High Lustre

  • SET 19

    Frank Dental SET 19

    Set 19 is your perfect partner for all adjusting and polishing of Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate.  This set is only available for the straight Dental handpiece HP.

    D.Z850.023.F.HP – Tapered chamfer

    D.Z863.016.F.HP – Flame

    D.Z801.022.HP – Round Football

    D.Z881.025.HP – Parallel Chamfer

    P.ZR21.040.HP – Zirconia Grinder




    The Frank Dental Zirconia diamonds are a double layer of fine grit natural diamonds to which are durable for use on both Zirconia and Emax.  Once you have made your adjustments simply finish using the multi-coloured points to create your final high lustre.

    It’s important to remember minimal pressure needs to be applied when using the Frank Dental Zirconia diamond burs.

  • SET 20

    Frank Dental Set 20 Peek and PMMA

    Set 20 Consists of,

    1 x C.251K.104.040

    1 x C.251K.104.060

    1 x P.U13G-7UM

    1 x P.PRONA12W-210.HP

    1 x P.U11G–22.UM

    1 x C.79E.104.040

    1 x C.261KF.104.023

    1 x C.129KFQM.104.023

  • SET 21

    Frank Dental Set 21 for Plastic Trays

    Set 21 consists of,

    1 x C.219.104.203 – Tungsten carbide Tri-cutter

    1 x C257K.104.023 – Tungsten carbide x-cut

    1 x C.79EQ.104.040 – Tungsten carbide cutter for soft composite/flexible dentures (Valplast)/whitening trays/retainers

    1 x P.PRPCOM2M.HP – Silicone carbide pre-polish

    1 x P.PROCOM2F.HP – Silicone carbide high lustre

    1 x P.LISKOID.HP – Impregnated felt wheel

  • SET 22

    set 22

    Frank Dental Set 22 is your perfect partner for polishing all your peek restorations.   This set is only available in the straight handpiece HP.

    Step 1




    Step 2




  • SET 25

    Frank Dental Set 25 Unsintered Zirconia

    Set 25 Consists of,

    1 x P.ZRU8.HP

    1 x P.ZRU11.HP

    1 x P.ZRU21.HP

    1 x P.ZRU3.HP

    1 x P.ZRU2IN1.070.HP – This clever 2 in 1 tool allows you to adjust unsintered Zirconia (Grey) then refine after (White)

    1 x P.ZRU2IN1.100.HP – This clever 2 in 1 tool allows you to adjust unsintered Zirconia (Grey) then refine after (White)