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Endo bur kit is for root canal preparation

During endodontic treatment of multi-root teeth, the canals cannot always be detected and penetrated immediately. An isthmus must then be prepared over a section or the entire length, so that a hidden canal can be detected. The newly developed Endoburs are ideal for these treatment procedures notably for the preparation of isthmuses.

Thanks to their special design, the petite round burs – especially the sizes 004 and 006 – are ideally suitable for the fine shaping of isthmuses and canal entrances.

The Endoburs comes in two lengths and in 6 different sizes. This means that the range comprises the perfect instrument for any clinical situation.

Provided with a particularly long, slim neck, the Endoburs allows unobstructed view past the instrument into the access cavity.

With its total length of 34 mm and an extra 3 mm in neck region, the Endoburs are now even more suitable for work under a microscope.