Frank Dental burs by Dr. Chris O’Connor

Chris O’Connor, the CEO of Incidental Ltd, talks through his favourite dental burs and why they are perfect to use at his training facility. 

Please introduce yourself

My name is Chris O’Connor and I am the CEO of Incidental Ltd. I have a background in clinical academia and I have been teaching dentistry at a postgraduate level for more than 12 years.

I also work part time in private practice in Newcastle Upon Tyne where I accept referrals for complex single tooth restorative treatment and full mouth rehabilitations.

How did you discover Frank Dental Burs?

Paul Harris from Crown Dental Burs introduced us to Frank Dental. Paul has a vast amount of experience in the dental bur field and was quickly able to demonstrate the quality of the burs available from Frank Dental.

At Incidental Ltd we work hard to discover and develop up and coming brands. The dental field is full of monopolies from a few large players, and this can drive the prices artificially high.

Our mission is ‘making quality dentistry accessible to all’ and we feel that our collaboration with Frank Dental is yet another way we can disrupt the market and achieve this.

What courses do you provide?

We use Frank Dental Burs on our hugely popular three-day direct course and for 2023 we have launched a three-day indirect preparation course.

Our new indirect course will be held in our new custom build training facility in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We aim to design scenario based, hands-on courses, that teach important aspects of restorative dentistry. Our new indirect course takes delegates on a journey from classic metal and PFM preparations through to modern monolithic all ceramic preparations including adhesive onlay and vertical margin techniques.

What bur sets do you offer?

There can be a bewildering array of burs patterns available to choose from. We have worked with Frank Dental to strip down their collection into a rationale selection of burs that we think should be the staples for all GDPs.

We have split these burs into three kits and collections: ‘crown removal and adjustment burs’, ‘direct burs’ and ‘indirect burs’.

The burs are available in our brand-new autoclavable bur blocks and can be easily reordered thanks to our simple labelling system and freely available wall charts.

What are your favourite burs in the collection?

Frank Dental is famous for its innovative crown removal burs. I think the zirconia crown cutters and polishers they offer are absolutely cutting edge.

The carbide rosehead burs have also been a revelation to me as they are autoclavable and cut carious tissue far more efficiently and cleaner that standard stainless-steel burs.

One of the best aspects of my job is being able to influence manufacturing research and development. The new tissue cutting, depth cutting, and controlled margin reduction burs Frank Dental have released are all excellent and have all been produced specifically to our specifications.

How can we find out more about Incidental Ltd?

We are very active on social media especially Instagram (@incidentalltd) and Youtube (InciDental Ltd). Follow us to see free technique videos and tips of how to make the most of all our products.

You can buy surgical burs directly from Crown Dental Burs. For more information, visit

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