Category: DentaSonic Mechanical IPR

  • DSG4A-204-1Y

    DentoSonic Basic Kit – 1 Year Warranty

    A basic set for those that want to start with basic knowledge about NI-IPC or want improve their NI-IPC with aligner treatments.

    Basic set: water-cooled handpiece with a 4:1 reduction. Ideal basic initial set for Bilateral controlled non-invasive IPC (approximal correction/reduction) of the tooth size and the proximal finishing & polishing in orthodontics, and lingual, aligners as well. Benefits • Efficient, safe, gentle, and agreeable opening of the interdental contact points • Rapid and controlled correction of the enamel • Proximal contouring, finishing and polishing of both adjacent teeth in a single procedure with special flexible resin diamond coated strips

  • DSPK2-1Y

    DentaSonic has developed the only non-invasive conceptual system for the controlled and safe correction of enamel.
    Below are our recommendations and advice on how to proceed to carry out a safe, controlled, comfortable, and non-invasive treatment, aimed at preserving your patient‘s enamel as much as possible and guaranteeing a perfect final result.

    Follow your Set-Up (protocol), avoiding to reduce over the necessary. All this is always under your total control also thanks to the DentaSonic system.

    Developed for use with Invisalign, ClearCorrect, eCligner, Inman Aligner, Six Month Smiles, EON Smile, BestSmile and other orthodontic treatments.

    Reason why we give them a new definition. We call them NI-IPC! Non-invasive Interproximal Enamel Correction.

    Avoiding any over reduction, saving patient enamel! That’s are our priority at all.