Testimonial Frank Dental RotaSystem by Dr. Nigel Braine-Hartnell

We hear from a dental nurse and dentist about how the Rota System has helped to make practice life easy and simple. 

‘Nothing was too much trouble’ – Emma Harrison, dental nurse

My name is Emma Harrison and I have lived in Banbury, Oxfordshire all my life. I started to work at Amsel and Wilkins LLP in May 1993 straight from leaving school and qualified as a dental nurse in 1995. I was full time until I had my daughter in May 2012.

I’ve been part-time ever since. My role within the practice has changed over the years and I now work as a dental nurse and receptionist. I took over the role as stores manager in 2012. I oversee the ordering of all the dental stock for the practice, including burs!

Nigel introduced me to Paul Harris from Crown Dental Burs in April 2022. We have six dentists working in the practice so it has taken time to set everything up, from selecting the burs each dentist wants, to ordering everything and making sure I had it all correct.

Paul’s help, advice and knowledge was invaluable and continues to still be. Nothing was too much trouble; he was – and is – always on hand to answer questions and help sort things out.

Highly recommended

To say the Rota System has changed my ordering life sounds dramatic, but it actually has! I was faced, on a regular basis, with drawings of burs I could not decipher, incorrect codes or the dentist had written ‘the football or the rugby ball shaped one’.

This led to me having to trawl through on the internet or through endless catalogues and inevitably ordering the incorrect bur, which was frustrating for both myself and the dentist.

The Rota System is heaven! Each dentist has their own burs which are compartmentalised in number order in their own box with a corresponding laminate to match. The boxes are kept in the office, not in the surgery, and each surgery has a copy of the laminate.

When the surgery needs a replacement bur they will let me know the number of the bur from the laminate. I will then retrieve them from the box and give them to the surgery.

Reordering is just as easy. Paul keeps a copy of all of our burs in dentist and number order. I will email Paul and request the bur by number, so there’s no need to remember complicated code numbers. The replacement burs arrive the following day and I replenish the boxes. It could not be simpler!

I would highly recommend this system as it is so easy and straightforward to use.

‘The quality is fantastic’ – Nigel Braine-Hartnell, dentist

I qualified from University College Hospital London in 1988 and I am now a partner along with Piers Neville at Amsel and Wilkins LLP, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

The practice celebrated 50 years in November 2022. We are a fully private practice offering family dental care along with implants, Invisalign, facial aesthetics, periodontal, oral surgery, snoring appliances and BPS dentures. We have a team of six general dentists, a visiting periodontist and a visiting oral surgeon along with a fantastic team of support staff of 22

I met Paul at a BDA meeting in London featuring Didier Dietchi, where Crown Dental Burs were a sponsor with a tantalising trade stand with many shiny things to tempt all the dentists.

The Rota System has simplified our ordering of burs by replacing complex description codes with a simple numerical system from 1, 2, 3, 4 etc onwards describing each of the particular burs I use most often.

The new packs are stored in a personalised box with a laminated sheet with the bur pictured and numbered that overlays the corresponding box compartment, allowing easy access to the right bur packs.

Yes, we had to spend time selecting our choices. As you can imagine with six dentists this was a mammoth task, but going forwards it’s so easy for my nurse to request one pack of threes for my surgery etc (although she has yet to order me a six pack).

Each surgery has its own personalised box and laminated sheet. Paul’s help in this initial phase was essential, his knowledge helped guide us towards our selections.

Standout feature

The standout feature for us is the stock laminate sheet for re-ordering, no more having to think of code just ask for 1,2,3 etc.

Having a large practice, the ease of ordering for our stores manager Emma is much more straight forward, Paul is always on hand if we need to tweak our orders or add additional burs to our system.

I would recommend the Rota System for ease of use, and the quality of the burs is fantastic.

We are now replacing our previous bur stands with Crown’s excellent autoclavable metal stands. These can withstand the rigours of the washer disinfector – the graveyard of so many small burs in the past.

This will eliminate the need to try and protect the burs in tea strainers, which involves several tedious steps in the disinfection and sterilising process before trying to reorganise the burs on their original stands.

For more information, visit www.crowndentalburs.co.uk.

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