Testimonial Frank Dental RotaSystem

The Frank Dental RotaSystem is a simple solution for organising and ordering dental burs – and the only UK company with this solution.

The RotaSystem allows clinicians to create their very own custom dental bur list ensuring 100% error free ordering, this will save you and your staff time and money!

The RotaSystem comprises of:

  • RotaCard – create your own custom bur list
  • RotaBox – create your own custom bur storage solution
  • RotaSet Card – create your own custom bur kits, crown preparation kit, inlay/onlay kit, or surgical kit.

It also works well in single handed dental practices and even better in multiple surgery practices.

This offer is available through Crown Dental Burs only!

Below, clinicians explain why they opted for the RotaSystem –and why they will never look back.

Dr Nigel Braine-Hartnell – dentist

I qualified from University College Hospital London in 1988. I’m now a partner along with Piers Neville at Amsel and Wilkins LLP, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

I met Paul at a BDA meeting in London featuring Didier Dietchi, where Crown Dental Burs were a sponsor with a tantalising trade stand with many shiny things to tempt all the dentists.

The RotaSystem has simplified our ordering of burs by replacing complex description codes with a simple numerical system from one, two, three, four etc onwards, describing each of the particular burs I use most often.

The new packs are stored in a personalised box with a laminated sheet with the bur pictured and numbered that overlays the corresponding box compartment, allowing easy access to the right bur packs.

Each surgery has its own personalised box and laminated sheet. Paul’s help in this initial phase was essential, his knowledge helped guide us towards our selections.

The standout feature for us is the stock laminate sheet for re-ordering. No more having to think of code just ask for one, two, three etc!

Having a large practice, the ease of ordering is much more straight forward. Paul is always on hand if we need to tweak our orders or add additional burs to our system.

I would recommend the RotaSystem for ease of use – the quality of the burs is fantastic.

Dr Morteza Mazinanian – specialist prosthodontist

Crown Dental Burs – specifically, Paul Harris – have been fantastic. Our burs are perfectly organised now with specific sets for each procedure in their own bur holders.

The sets are labelled, they have specific cards to show what each set involves and associates with it an order card with each of burs numbered specifically for dental excellence.

This has ensured our ordering is specific to us. The nurses find it easy to restock each bur block and associated stock box. This has made the procedures very smooth as the kits are designated and prepared to the degree of perfection I like at Dental Excellence.

Dr Aly Virani – dentist

The nursing team now consistently provide me with exactly what I need. All of the associates feel exactly the same way. We are all about protocols and processes as they avoid mistakes and improve efficiency and this has made such a difference to the sterilisation process, ordering process and surgery experience for our whole team.

Each clinician has a set of burs that are standardised to them. They receive the same burs in the same order every time. We have replacements in stock but we are able to efficiently manage our stock to minimise waste.

Dr Mahul Patel – senior clinical teaching fellow

The RotaSystem offers a very sensible and practical solution for storage and reordering of bur stock.

The bur range offered by Frank Dental fully complements this solution, which is also adaptive to allow the clinician to be future-proof with regards to their personal selections.

For more information and to discuss this offer please email us at info@crowndentalburs.co.uk or call us on 07478443440.


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